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Artist Statement 

When I was six, I started spending time in the basement. On top of an old workbench, there was a rusty hammer with a leather handle, and right next to it there was an equally-rusted carpenter's saw hanging from pegboard. As soon as I was tall enough to reach them, I started using the saw to cut through whatever scrap wood I could find lying around, and using the hammer to nail them together. I never came in with a plan as to what I was going to do or make. Instead, I was doing something much more productive: playing, or, perhaps more accurately, exploring. Exploring the hammer and the saw, exploring the material of wood, the same material even today, fifteen years later, I still play and explore with. Today this playtime results in furniture or sculpture, with the exact same excitement I had as when I was six. 


Simply put, my work is about subtraction and addition. First, through the processes of turning, carving, and cutting away at the raw material, I subtract. Then I put the pieces together again. Creation through destruction. Just like a little kid cutting something with a saw. 

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